St. Louis Event space is a great location for FIELD TRIPS!

"I first want to thank you for allowing our camp to have our field trip at your space!!! The show was AMAZING and FUNNY!  Also, all of our campers, staff, and volunteers had a blast with the workshop. Thank you so much again!"

Jessica Woodson - Life Bridge St. Louis

Field Trips 

See a show and experience hands-on fun learning circus, magic or comedy! 

Come to a fun, creative place and try out new skills like juggling, plate spinning and clowning!

Students and campers will enjoy a 30 minute comedy, magic and circus stunt show performed by a highly skilled entertainer. After the show they get to partake in a 60 minute circus workshop where they learn some of the skills they just saw – such as juggling, plate spinning, low stilt walking, hula hooping and more! 

field trip circus workshops

More info: 314-803-5180


$375 up to 75 students/campers 

$450 up to 100 students/campers

$500 up to 150 students/campers

 Fee payable by credit card, check or money order. Payable the day of the field trip. Maximum of 150 campers.

You are welcome to bring your own lunches and eat in the food court or in our space.

Field Trip Shows
Schools or Camp Field trip destination
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